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After the meeting with Director Elliot I began walking down the hallway only to find Dr, Gilbert running down the hall in a cold blooded sweat.


"My god son what's goin' on that's got you in such a tizzy?"

"THE NATIONS!!! THEY'RE GOING TO COLLIDE!!!! We have a matter of three days till the tips of Africa and south America collide!!!!"


The three of us made our ways back to the main computer room where pulled up on the main screen was a satellite photo of the earth. And he was right....the two land masses where somewhere around 200-300 miles apart.

"It seems that this process began around three years BEFORE the apocalypse and has just slowly progressed. When these two collide it will cause a dramatic change in climate, Massive earthquakes, sir It may even break the two America's apart!" 

"oh my god....have you contacted the president on the subject?"

"no sir...we wanted to let you know first."

"good....we need to devise a plan of action....we cant just all in a panic that the nations are going to collide."

"But sir....if we alert the president he'd be able to help us decide on the plan of action...."

"agent crossfire I would think by now you have learned to trust me....*grins* hehehe"

That smile always meant he had a brilliant well thought out plan....and they usually worked.

"Agent crossfire. I want you and a small team to head out to the edge of Main and gather all the folks you can and build them a shelter so that when the collision meets there they'll be ready. I'm gonna send word out to the eastern base and tell them to get some shelters built and ready, It'll be a longer time before they collide, but its better to be safe than sorry....after that I'll call the president. "

"B-But sir won't you need the presidents seal of approval before you pursue with these plans?"

"Son in a moment like this approval isn't important. Agent I want you to take A scientist, a doctor and a navigations expert along on yer team and you can choose another scout.... "

"I'M IN!!!!"

"speak of the devil there's just the scout I wanted to see!!"

It was my dearest and best friend Momo...(she was sitting at one of the empty desks being nosy.) Se was nuts....Always blowing things up, like old buildings, broken down cars.....and her favorite ZOMBIES!! but what she loved doing most was drawing....she always drew pictures of flowers and stuffed animals, especially of her favorite stuffed dog, albert. before the apocalypse she moved in with me and my mom. Because before everything fell to hell her parents kicked her  out, due to the fact that she was born with the ability to read a persons mind by touching them. I was surprised when she first met me that she didn't have a spaz attack because we met after a tae kwon do instruction and I was stri....uhhh.....relieving the instructor of his trousers....mentally.....(What? we're all guilty of doing it at least once in our lives.) Anyway. It was a very funny.

"SOOOOO I hear there's gonna be a totally dangerous and exciting trip coming up for one of my favorite and most awesome friend, in which needs an extra set of hands?" *retarded and cheesy smile*

"I was already gonna ask you ya stop smiling like that people are gonna think you farted or something."


"so who ye gonna take fer a scientist?"

"That would be me sir! *Carlos walks up behind me* It would be my pleasure to take on this mission and accompany Agent's Crossfire and Mizaki!"

"Well now all I need to do is find a doctor and a navigations expert and I'll be good to go!!!"

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United States
age: 15
name: ash
profession: being random....oh yeah I have unmatched skillz....
occupation: homeschooler

My motto is "Found it, Faved it Now I'm gonna role play it!" lol
I love to draw anime and other things!
I do not use a computer style art, all of my works are pencil or pen (I just like it better and I don't have a digital drawing pad....), I plan on eventually being able to color proper skin tones, and better my!!
I also have a love for costume design and make-up!
(needs better make up) And I also love to act and sing....(I hope to someday make a living off of acting or costume design)
I like video games and would like to start playing PC games
I love to role play and I am looking for a good partner to do so with!
(I do not specify in s3x based RP, I mainly do adventure.)
my RP character's name is Blood woods or akachi zimborhe. (I am working on a backstory for her)
I am somewhat political and I like to talk about how the world works and different ideas and I like to talk to people who can understand me!! I like it when people are weird and USE CAPSLOCK AT RANDOM TIMES!!!!! lol
Ya could say I'm a generally normal girl........*crowd goes silent* ok so maybe I am weird....

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